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Content Drafting

Even if ranking high in search engines is not your main goal, you can still benefit from best practices. Keep these seven tips in mind when drafting content for your website

No Duplicate Content

No duplicate content. No copying content from other sites. No copying content in your site to other parts of your site. No using testimonials from AVVO or similar sites (testimonials that are unique to your site will help you rank higher).  Finally, no copying images from other sites without permission

Page Length: 500-850 Words

We advise clients to prepare content that is approximately 500 words, but not more than 850 words. If your page exceeds 850 words consider breaking up the content into two separate pages.

Break Up Text

Break up your text with headlines and bulleted or ordered lists. Most readers scan web content and this is a good way to provide natural breaks.

Include Keywords

If you are actively involved in an SEO campaign we recommend that you use your keywords twice on the page: once in the title tag and once in the body content.

Include Calls to Action

End your pages with a call to action that includes your preferred method of contact (phone number, email, link to a contact form).

Hyperlink to Other Pages

Including links to other pages in your site and other authority websites is great for usability and SEO. Only link where it make sense – don’t overdo it.

Include Client-Centric Content

In addition to the usual firm-centric content (attorney bios, about us page and practice area content), include information that will help answer your readers’ questions or solve a problem.